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강찬희 서울대학교 Genetic Dissection of the GATA4-Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype (SASP) Pathway in Aging"
김도훈 UMass Medical School Invisible killers: Investigating the role that endogenous toxic metabolites play in pathology"
김진홍 서울대학교 The origin of regeneration signal from damaged connective tissue that specifies endogenous stem cell differentiation"
박주홍 서울대학교 Role of adaptive immunity in the evolution of symbiotic bacteria"
박현우 연세대학교 The Biology of Epithelial-Hematopoietic Conversion"
우재성 고려대학교 Structures and molecular mechanisms of gap junction channels"
윤기준 KAIST Deciphering the neural epitranscriptome using mouse and human brain organoid"
이유리 서울대학교 Unveiling associations of cellular architecture and cell fate specification in plants"
이은정 Harvard Medical School Systematic investigation of reactivated endogenous retroelements and their functional consequences in human soma"